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An exceptional product, of superior quality, refined in clear meeting the requirements of a high-end gourmet market.

La Fine de Mesquer has this specific taste due to the exchange of the water of the catchment, rich in phytoplankton of the sea water.


Our firm – Philippe Picaud Oysterfarming – holds a large number of oyster parks in the Mès basin between the point of Pen Bé and the catchment area of Kervarin, in southern Britanny.

This geographical situation provides an exceptional authentic taste to the oysters. A very specific taste due to the exchange of soft water, rich in phytoplankton, and open sea water.

With more than 9000 places of oyster bags, we perfectly master the production volume. We also hold numerous fattening ponds that allows the ripening of the oysters, which give them their remarkable taste.

Philippe, that is man of the Bay of Mès !

Oysters parks of the bay of Mès

Running with great talent the profession of Salt Farming as well as of Oyster Farming, Philippe has a thorough knowledge of the local ecosystem….

For Philippe, oyster farming is a profession of passion, that he practises with an unique « know how ». In spite of natural and environmental variations, he perfectly controls the global cycle of oyster growing.

To work with Philippe Picaud, means, the relationship with a man of passion, based on trust and quality.

  • A high level of stock
  • Product of quality
  • Adjustable delivery delays
  • Competitive prices
  • A constant quality

An unique commercial exchange, that goes as far as to the adjustment of the product to the demand : level of oystermeat, iodine level, the form and volume of the shells !

The bay of Mès

The marshes of Mès belong to the salt marshes of the Guérande peninsula. They are situated in the south of the ‘Vilaine’ river mouth, on the territories of the municipalities of Assérac, Mesquer and Saint-Molf.

These marshes are situated on the oriental part of Pen-Bé, at a widening of the coast, that opens on the west side to the Atlantic Ocean between the Point of Merquel and Pen-Bé.

Between this area and the salt gardens is situated an zone that according to the tides, is either free of water or covered by the sea (between Pen Bé and Rostu in the south). In the middle, a small canal named ‘La Barre’ connects the ocean and the salt gardens.

This little canal is the mouth of a brook, 20 km long, the Mès, that takes its source in Guérande and gives its name to the area.

Our products

This is how we stand – easy and clear

Our quality production is based on 2 products, both on the level of the requirements of highest gastronomical standards.

Between Sea and Salt Gardens

An exceptional product

An oyster of size 4 of superior quality, raised between October and February, improved in our sea gardens and particularly indicated for the different occations for the end of the year celebrations

The beauty of Mès

An annuel product of superior quality

An oyster, size 3 to 4, than can be largely and regularly delivered all around the year.

Our prices, a very competitive politic

Prices according to volume, transport included !

Contact us

4, impasse de Kerbignon - 44350 Guérande - France
06 79 34 52 67

Huitres de Kervarin

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